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List of Theses of SVYASA Students

Please review this page from time to time as we upload more and more Theses of our Students. Abstracts of these theses have been made available in this section for convenience. If you wish to use the full-text, please write to us on

For ease-of-use, these theses have been categorised as below:

Thesis by PhD Students

Year 2010-2011
Year 2009-2010
Year 2008-2009
Year 2007-2008
Year 2006-2007
Year 2005-2006

Theses submitted to Bangalore University

Year 2005

Theses Submitted to SVYASA in candidacy for an honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in YOGIC SCIENCES

Year 2003
Year 2004
Year 2006

Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctorate in Hindu studies (Yoga Philosophy & Meditation)

Year 2006