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Welcome to the Yoga Research section!

Svyasa has been pioneering Research in Yoga. This section is a collection of all our Yoga Research efforts! Yoga Researchcontains Indexed Research Papers in Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and other related techniques. We will also be published papers not indexed and Yoga Dissertations of SVYASA students. If you wish to submit your Yoga Research Papers for review, you may visit IJOY or the International Journal of Yoga, a SVYASAresearch peer-reviewed online Journal of Yoga.

The Yoga Research section is intended to provide research papers to substantiate the scientific basis of Yoga

Our Yoga Research Papers have been arranged in the following sequence -

A. Yoga and Life Sciences:

1. Physiology of Meditation Techniques
2. Physiology of Pranayama
3. Yoga for Rehabilitation
4. Yoga in Perception and Performance
5. Therapeutic Applications of Yoga

For Dissertations of MD and MSc and for Theses of PhD, please refer our Yoga Dissertations and Yoga Theses sections

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