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Self Study and Counseling Session Guidelines for Students:

1. You should send the answer sheets to the Personality and ‘G' Inventory Questionnaires following honestly the instructions given. You may send the answers through email (as scanned copies / answers) or through post to our address above

2. The Instructions about Evaluation System and Evaluation Format have been prepared to help you understand and plan your course study.

3. Suggestive time tables have been given to help you work out your schedule during your self-study period at your respective locations

4. For PGDYT / PGDYTD, use Dissertation Guidelines for your Dissertation purposes. Use IAYT Time Tables to schedule your sessions with Therapy Participants

5. Self Assessment forms should be submitted to us in soft (through email) or hard copies through post

6. The following link will help you access information on Yoga

7. Induction / Learning / Assessment Sessions will be scheduled regularly and the exact dates will be communicated to you in time. Pleasecontact us through email on or on 080-2263 9901/02/04

8. Term-end Examination for each semester will be held during your Assessment Program

9. As the term indicates, your stay during your Assessment Programme will be of a evaluatory kind as defined in the Instructions about Evaluation System and tabulated in the Evaluation Format

10. Sessions have been designed for your learning and growth. You should accept whatever is offered to you without prejudice

11. All sessions during the Assessment Programme are compulsory and shortage in attendance will be viewed seriously. Attendance is given most weightage amongst all evaluation criteria and your attendance at all sessions is important. Candidates without required attendance will not be awarded certificates. Experience expansion as you participate in more sessions; become more inclusive and less exclusive

12. Serving Duty means serving food to the fellow residents of Prashanti during food sessions.

13. Karma Yoga activities will include group work activities such as cleaning, high-brooming, gardening, etc and will be allotted to you on the day.

14. Karma Yoga / Serving Duty sessions help overcome our lethargy and inertia, help grow our humility and help experience higher levels of Karma Yoga. Please participate actively to achieve greater benefits.

15. Maintain the sanctity of the Ashram campus by following instructions provided about the Code of Conduct for the Ashram University campus

16. Maitri Milan chanting must become an essential part of your Sadhana. We may ask any of you to lead the chanting at the Maitri Milan during your Assessment Programme. Please practice the Slokasangrahah of Eighteen verses from Bhagavad Gita put together as Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Unity in Diversity. Similarly, you will be asked to lead the Bhajans from Vyasa Pushpanjali and / or your course materials.

17. While at Prashanti, please inform your course organizer immediately if you have any health-related problems. Please do not use medicines / approach Doctors at your discretion

18. Anvesana - The research building at Prashanti is where many Yoga-related activities are conducted. We will arrange a visit here during your Assessment Programme