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Division of Yoga and Spirituality

Dean Office: Yajnavalkya, Nalanda

Office: Ramakrishna Kutira Buildings: Sadhana and Samvit (Hostels) Samarpana, Gurukrupa, Ramanakrupa-faculty houses Patanjali Hall - Courses Darsana-For Yoga Practices

Division of Yoga and Life Sciences

Department of Health Sciences -
Research Health Home

Dean Office: Gargi, Nalanda Office: Vinita (next to Vicara) Dwellings for therapy - Asvini, Puspa, Cottages, Asirvada etc. Halls for the 9 sections:

Department of Yoga and Bio-Sciences

Office: Anvesana Two Lecture halls with AV aids Library, Meeting Hall, visitors room Labs: In Prashanti Kutiram as well as in Bangalore City

Research Library, Sarasvati

The research library continues the process of development. At present there are approximately 1000 reference and medical textbooks. Subscription to scientific journals is restricted to national journals. The Journals include Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Journal of Physicians of India, British Medical Journal (Indian edition).

It is planned to include some international journals.

Department of Natural Sciences

Office: OM Building
Gosala- Dairy
Forestry - Teak, Silver Oak, etc
Gardening -including herbal garden
Horticulture - Nursery
Water Resources
Agricultural land
Labs- Tissue Culture

Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences

Dean Office: Kanada, Nalanda
Buildings: Sahana, Vikas, Visal, Vijnana, Mangala Mandir Dorms, Tejas
Labs: Computer Section
Carpentry, Plumbing - Mangala Mandir

Division of Yoga and Management Studies
Dean Office: Canakya, Nalanda
Office: Pranava Building ground floor.
Buildings: Anvesana first floor, Crescent, Bindu
Lab: PRO office etc. in Pranava Building

Division of Yoga and Humanities

Dean Office: Nalanda
Office: Mangala Mandir ground floor
Buildings: Prarthana Mandir, SVYASA, Hall, First floor of Prarthana Mandir
Laboratory: Sahana first floor hall


(Yoga Research Health Home at Prasanti Kutiram)
Well-trained yoga teachers, a daily routine drawn to provide glimpse of a tension-free life of no excesses.
Serene, tranquil and homely atmosphere
Good library facilities
Audio-Visual presentations
Regular lectures on yoga, yoga therapy and other applications
Discussion and clarification sessions on various techniques and principles of yoga
Devotional session and educative yoga entertainments
Medicines, yoga equipment, books and publications
Yogic counselling