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Message from Director, ODL, S-VYASA

My dear Students,

The wisdom of the ancient Indian scriptures will help in dealing with issues from management strategies to corporate governance in today’s highly competitive world of business. Across the globe the Industry is drawing inputs from the depths of Ancient Indian wisdom.

You forfeit your chance for life at its fullest when you withhold your best efforts in learning. When you give the minimum to learning, you receive only the minimum in return. Despite your parent’s best examples and the teacher’s best efforts, eventually it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn. When you work to your full capacity, you can attain the knowledge and skill to create your future and to control your destiny. If you do not, you will have your future thrust upon you by others. You must take hold of your life, apply your fits and talents and work with dedication and self discipline. You should have high expectations of yourself and convert every challenge into an opportunity. You have to reach out and reach high in order to reach beyond.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Natesh Babu