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Concepts of Dharma and Moksha Concept III - Dharma

Excess of funds are either consumed by increased Kaama or by diversion of revenues for the organisation aims and objectives. Deficit in funds are borrowed from the parent bodies in tune with the principle of interdependency. Dharma is maintained by working in tune with the Cosmic Law. The following broad outlines are used to maintain Dharma at the DDE:

Service Traditions to be followed at DDE:

1. "Yoga through Education" is the vision of DDE and "Yoga to Every Doorstep" is the mission of DDE.
The primary purpose of all DDE Entities is to carry this vision and mission of DDE.
2. DDE establishment and growth should come first; personal growth should be tuned to the growth of DDE Each area should work towards self-sufficiency.
While revenue generation is not an objective at DDE, fund raising activities will greatly help in further propagation of DDE vision and mission and will be gratefully appreciated.
3. Each DDE entity is autonomous and can take decisions independently, except when such decisions may affect other entities or DDE as a whole
For activities which have financial implications, proper accounting procedures must be followed
4. DDE leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.
We must use group conscience as a tool to select our leaders and to resolve issues that may arise in the functioning of the DDE entities
5. The only requirement for membership to the DDE movement is a desire to start and grow in the path of yoga. Their commitment to DDE movement is essential.
The DDE area should facilitate easy entry of newer members to the DDE movement. Their commitment to DDE movement is essential. Scriptural and Experiential learning are noble possessions and must be given away to seeking learners freely without prejudice since we can keep what we have only by giving it away.
6. DDE has no opinion on outside issues and DDE name need not be drawn in to controversy.
DDE well-wishers and friends are available in the society to help DDE grow and DDE may exercise freedom to reciprocate such help publicly
7. No Entity should lend the DDE name or affiliate or associate to any outside enterprise without prior consent from DDE Head Office.
However, areas may partner or associate with organisations and third party centers to promote DDE vision and mission.
8. As a policy, use attraction rather than promotion for public relations.
Personal anonymity is a yoga principle which can take us a long way in our sadhana.

Attitude of Service

Service is a Yoga vehicle which can help accelerate our growth. Please note that we should bring in an attitude of service, a seva bhava. With this in mind, the DDE Entity should try and conserve resources, including financial resources. The DDE Entities should try and utilize resources in this order:

1. Free resources or resources made available freely by DDE friends called Seva Vratis.
2. Part-time resources which may be used if not for the entire day, then for a period of time daily, weekly or monthly without any cost to DDE. They will be called Volunteers. They can also be our advisors and researchers.
3. Paid services
4. Costs which may be reimbursed: For Sevavratis, Volunteers and those mandated to raise bills for DDE, it is suggested that clear accounts books are maintained
Dos and Don'ts for DDE workers Dos

1. Should lead a Yoga way of life; teach yoga as per DDE methodology or approved by DDE head quarters.
2. Should practice Yoga and conduct DDE approved courses primarily and other general yoga classes
3. Should consult local committee for any decisions that may effect the traditions of DDE
4. Should present already-available, documented evidence of yoga research while making public statements; while making public and press presentations and announcements, it is suggested to back check with DDE Head Office for quality of content and concept
5. Be positive about all Yoga schools, Paramparas and Institutions.


1. Should not criticize or enter into debate about other schools of yoga while on duty
2. Should not glorify DDE or personalities of DDE without documented proof
3. Should not glorify other schools of yoga or systems of philosophies without documented proof

Who is eligible?

DDE areas are suggested to use this order of precedence for selection of workers since financial and material objectives tend to distract us from the DDE vision and mission

1. Seva Vratis and Yoga Vratis, Volunteers: Expenses incurred by people who offer their valuable time and resources may be directly billed to DDE, Bangalore and reimbursed
2. Full Time Workers: Will be directly on the payroll of DDE, Bangalore. Such workers will be given specific job profile directly by DDE as per recommendation of the local committees.
3. Part Time Workers: Will be directly on the payroll of DDE or on a contractual basis. Such workers will be given specific job profile directly by DDE as per recommendation of the local area
4. Incentivized Workers: Will be directly on the payroll of DDE. Such workers may be given jobs where target-specific objectives will be set. Sooner such targets are met, higher will be the take home

Concept IV - Moksha
Progressively, as we work closer in tune with the Cosmic Law, Moksha is attained by the individual and the entire group.