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Concept of Artha in DDE, S-VYASA

Artha or the Economy of the DDE helps achieve the desires (kaama) of the DDE through definition of budget as follows:

Expenditure Heads

Salaries / Honorarium
Teaching Faculty
a. Permanent Faculty
b. Visiting Faculty
Non-Teaching Staff
a. Organisers for CSs
b. Administrative Staff

Study Materials

a. Development Costs
b. Production Costs
c. Despatch Costs


a. eCampus Solutions
b. Additional Infrastructure
- Software
- Hardware


a. Buildings / Construction
b. Repair Renovation
c. Furniture and Furnishings

Counseling Sessions Costs

a. Food and Accomodation
b. Travel
- From EB to Prashanti
- Visiting Faculty


a. Electricity
- Electricity Board
- Generator Fuel
b. Water
c. Office Maintenance
d. Telephone Charges
e. Internet Charges
f. Library Books Acquisition


MSc / BSc Research
PGDYT Research

Faculty Development

a. In-campus Programmes
b. Off-campus Programmes

Distributed Delivery Model Costs

a. Travel
b. Inspectors' Fees
c. Referral Fees
d. Travel to DEC


a. Advertisements
b. Networking
Contribution to SVYASA
Contribution to Society

Sources of Income

Tuition Fees Collections
Registration Fees
B&L Charges
Other Fees
Affiliations Fees for SCs