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Prashanti Kutiram Campus Life

Prashanti Kutiram has been graced by the visits of many great souls. One can feel the spiritual vibes inside the campus charged as it is by the visits of these holy people. Some foreigners find our facility is good enough although our beds are not the softest and cots not widest! At Prashanti, Guruji sleeps on a mat even today and our senior students fight to get a room which is 3ft by 6ft to sleep on the floor too!

Our dream is that our University should become an example for the whole world to move towards greater and greater happiness with minimal needs for the individual, giving and sharing.

We wish to be a leading light for non competitive research in all walks of life, for Universal health and harmony throughout the world. The blessings of all the great Saints will ensure that Spirituality shall be the base for all this.

While we provide the facilities as they are, we know that when the mind is ready, a single word from the right person can change our lives. So, all credit would go to your readiness to take all that is provided here at Prashanti Kutiram. We are hopeful you will find our facilities do match your readiness!

Our Organisation Bus starts every day from our Bangalore Office given below at 7:00 a.m.

19, Eknath Bhavan
Gavipuram Circle
Bangalore-560 019.
TeleFax: 26608645/26612669

Please make sure that you are here before the bus leaves at 6:55 a.m.
ONLY this bus brings you directly to our campus

Spanning over 110 acres (about 450,000 sq. mtrs.), the Prashanti Campus lies in the lap of virgin nature. With Infrastructural facilities ranging from residential hostels, study and practice blocks, research centers, therapy block, libraries, cow-sheds, plantations and nature tracks, our campus has all the ingredients for appropriate yogic and spiritual growth in the sincere aspirant.

Prashanti Kutiram, Giddenahalli
Kallabalu Post, Jigani Hobli
Anekal Taluk, Bangalore District