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Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

The CIQA at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA) was established as per UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017 vide notification S-VYASA/ODL/1014-17 dated October 14, 2017, as a measure to maintain quality in Programs offered through Open Digital Learning (ODL) mode. The Cell is constituted to monitor, advice and review different quality aspects of the overall functioning of the University.

Following is the composition of CIQA
Prof Ramachandra G Bhatt Chairman
Dr R Chandrasekhar, Dean of Academics Member
Prof M K Sridhar, Dean, Division of Yoga & Humanities Member
Dr NateshBabu, Deputy Director, ODL Member
Dr Karuna Nagarajan, Deputy Director, Curriculum Development Member
Dr Kashinath Metri, Faculty Member
Dr Satyapriya Maharana, Faculty Member
Dr Promila Choudhary, Faculty Member
Dr Satyaprakash Purohit, Faculty Member
Dr Kuntal Ghosh, Faculty Member
Mrs Rashmi Atul Bapat, Faculty Member
Dr AshweenBilagi, Faculty Member
Dr V R Bharati Dhevi, Faculty Member
Dr B Amaranath, Registrar Convener

The Centre for Internal Quality Assurance has been created as a part of quality control measures enshrined in ODL Regulations, 2017. There are several exercises in the field of distance education that require a separate set of quality parameters, which may vary from the on-campus programs; for which the IQAC is the nodal agency. The activities in ODL include highly flexible delivery systems; and need primarily to be learner-centric. Hence this calls for a separate monitoring body overseeing the vital quality parameters. The formation of CIQA will ensure the adoption of qualitative distance education right through all the processes. The ODL programs envisaged in S-VYASA would be a lively model aimed at creating blended, Gurukula based, technology- assisted and a leaner-oriented model.

Some of the features are:

1. To render quality service to the ODL learners
2. To constantly revisit the system based on experience and keep the ODL activities dynamic
3. To maintain quality in all the key areas of ODL operations
4. All the Quality Assurance efforts will be made public and shared among all the stake holders
5. To keep in place an effective feed-back system
6. CIQA will be the nodal body to coordinate the inter functionality among all the departments of DDE
7. To provide interactive platforms among all players in ODL to exchange views, ideas and innovative practices
8. To ensure quality in the delivery tool from the preparation of Program Project Report for each program to evaluation of examination scripts
9. Maintaining accurate records of all the activities in ODL and generate reports of all kinds.


To achieve the objectives listed above, the following activities of CIQA will be in place:

1. The CIQA at S-VYASA would meet periodically to review the ongoing activities of the Directorate of Distance Education
2. To monitor the preparation of Program Project Report and ensure that the guidelines of the UGC are strictly adhered to
3. To oversee the preparation of SLM and suggest effective corrective measures wherever required
4. To follow up the effectiveness of Personal Contact Programs in terms of its reach, coverage and participation by the students
5. To engage constantly with the UGC and MHRD, and understand the implications of their guidelines
6. To be in touch with the other institutions offering ODL, and familiarize with the best practices followed elsewhere
7. To encourage research on distance education and encourage the Faculty of S-VYASA to go for publications and participate in seminars and conferences.
8. To prepare reports on the progress of DDE periodically and maintain key data on ODL activities in S-VYASA
9. To ensure that the learning is maximized through learner-centric approaches.


The functions of CIQA will include the following:

1. The CIQA will collect the Program Project Report (PPR. for each program and vet it for quality
2. It will get the PPRs approved by all the statutory bodies of S-VYASA
3. The CIQA will ensure the implementation of all the policies pertaining to distance education of S-VYASA
4. It will generate reports on various activities of DDE and make them available to the authorities of the University
5. It will ensure production of quality SLM for each program and look for the adoption of the guidelines of the UGC in the preparation of SLM
6. The CIQA will ensure the implementation of the UGC guidelines in every aspect of the functioning of DDE in S-VYASA.